ShowBox App Download for Android – Latest Show Box APK

The current day trends and technology keep us busy day and night. There is hardly any time left to follow our hobbies, travel, entertain ourselves etc. If you are a traveller, sportsperson or adventure lover, we might not be able to help you right now. But, if you are a movie lover or a TV junkie, we have got the perfect thing for you.

It might have happened very often when you would have missed your favourite TV show episode or movie for which you might have planned in advance. If this is you, we have an app using which you will be able to take your favourite TV shows and movies right in your pocket. The app is “ShowBox” and it has a huge database of TV shows as well as movies that you can watch anytime and anywhere. And the best part about the ShowBox app is that it is absolutely free.

The movies as well as TV shows present in the ShowBox database are available in both standard and HD resolutions. In addition to that, the library is updated regularly so that the users get all the latest episodes and movies as soon as they are out. With huge number of downloads, ShowBox is undoubtedly the best app that you can find for watching new or old TV shows and movies and that too free of cost and in best quality. Also, the app adjusts the quality of the video automatically that is best suited for the user’s internet connection.

Searching on the ShowBox app is simple as well. The interface is easy to understand and allows you to search for any show or movie to watch online. Before the video is played, the app asks you about the quality in which you wish to play it, low, medium or high. Also, there is no restriction regarding the number of movies or shows you can watch on the application. You can even watch one movie again and again anytime you want. Also, you will simply find almost all the movies in the app. From very old to very new, the app will get your favourite movie and will play it for you as well.

So, if you are a diehard fan of a superhero series, or love watching films of your favourite actor, ShowBox is an amazing app to keep them with you and watch them anytime. It is also the finest video entertainment app because of its huge video library consisting of thousands of TV shows and films. ShowBox also offers you an option to either watch the movie online or download it and then watch it later. What else can you ask from a free TV show and movie app?

ShowBox for Android

Many of you might have tried to search for the ShowBox app on Android Play Store or Google Play Store, but would have closed your phones with disappointment. This is because the original ShowBox application is not present on the Google Play Store.

You might have seen the app before, and it is true that the app was present on the Play Store but Google removed it due to some copyright issues. However, you can find the application here on our site and also on the official site.

But, you don’t have to worry as we are going to provide you complete step by step guide on how to get ShowBox for your Android smartphone and how to install it. But before we proceed further and provide you the ShowBox APK file and come to the installation guide, let us have a look at the list of features that ShowBox app offers to the user.

ShowBox App Features

  • The first thing that you might be worried about is download limit or watch limit. But, you need not worry now as there is no boundaries on the downloading as well as watching limit in ShowBox app. The application will itself ask you whether you wish to watch the video now or to download and save the show or movie offline and watch later
  • One of the best thing about ShowBox application is its interface. The interface is very simple and attractive. The graphics are simple amazing which prevents the user from getting bored and also makes it user-friendly at the same time. The simple interface makes searching of films and navigation simple too. You will love to navigate through a whole set of TV shows and films and find out which one interests you
  • One of the biggest problem with online streaming apps is that they eat a lot of network data. This might be due to the video size, but mainly the data drainage occurs due to high quality video streaming. ShowBox app helps you to prevent your data if you want. Before you play the video, the app is going to ask you about the quality in which you wish to watch the video. It also adjusts the video quality automatically based upon the internet speed of the user.
  • One thing that most of us find irritating in almost all the apps is “sign up”. Almost all the apps available on Google Play Store will ask you to sign up from your Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc. account. But this is not the case with ShowBox app. ShowBox does not ask you for any kind of sign up or registration or to complete any survey. All you need to do is, install the app on your Android smartphone, open it, and start looking for your favourite movie or show, grab something to munch and enjoy them anywhere.
  • Once you start searching for a particular movie, you will notice that all the shows and films are catalogued perfectly. Also, there are many filter available that you can use to narrow down your search results and find the video quickly. In case you wish to create your own personal list of favourites, you can do it too. Add the items you like to your list and access them directly in no time.
  • ShowBox app allows you to share your TV shows and movies over Wi-Fi with your family and friends.
  • The ShowBox is also available for other platforms as well like TV, iOS, Chromecast etc.
  • The app gives you a lot of chances to win free vouchers as well as Showbox point which can be used to redeem various amazing free gifts.

All these superb features together make this app a complete entertainment package that all the movie and TV lover must have on their smartphone.

How to Install ShowBox on Android Smartphone

Installing an application or apk file manually on an Android smartphone is a very simple task. Here we are going to guide you step by step to how to install ShowBox apk file on your smartphone. Just follow the steps given below and you will be enjoying your favourite movies and show on your smartphone in 5 minutes.

Note: Since the ShowBox application is not available on Google Play Store, make sure you follow the steps exactly as they are described below. In case you get stuck in between or the app fails to install on your device giving some error, feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you resolve the issue.

Step 1: The very first thing you need to do is to download the ShowBox apk file from the link provided. You can also download the app from the official ShowBox website. You can download the file directly on your smartphone or on your PC.

Step 2: After the file is downloaded, connect your smartphone to PC via Bluetooth or USB cord and transfer the downloaded “ShowBox.apk” file on your smartphone.

Note: Make sure that USB drivers available for your device are installed on your PC. Otherwise, your PC might not recognize your smartphone on connecting. Go to your device's Settings > Security and check the box beside “Unknown sources” which will help you install the app outside of Google Play.


Step 3: After the file is successfully copied, disconnect your smartphone from the PC. Now, open “File Manager” and then go to the directory where you have copied the “Showbox.apk” file.


Step 4: Now tap on the “ShowBox.apk” file. You will see a new window that might ask you something about “Install from Unknown Sources”. Tap on “Settings” and then tap on the “Install from Unknown Sources” box you see in Settings menu.

Step 5: Now again go back to the app screen and tap on “Install”. After the installation process is finished, click on the “Launch App” option to watch your favourite show or movie now.


It is the best app that one can find out there. It streams your favourite TV shows as well as offer high profile media content right in your hands. You can find all the latest TV shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Dexter, South Park, The Walking Dead, and Suits etc. as well. And as we told you, you get to choose from quality low, medium and high, which in turn also determines the size of the video file that you wish to download. Higher the video quality, larger will be the size of the video file when downloaded.


Q. Is the content on ShowBox app legal?

A. Yes, you need not to worry about that as all the content that is available in the app is completely legal as well as free.

Q. Does ShowBox app consume a lot of memory?

A. The answer is NO. On an average, it uses just around 40 MB RAM while running which is very less when compared to other heavy apps out in the market.

Q. How many time can I watch a particular movie or TV show?

A. Well, that is the best thing about the ShowBox application. You can watch any video unlimited amount of times until and unless you get bored of it.

Q. Does ShowBox consume huge amount of Internet data?

A. The answer depends upon the quality of video that you prefer as well as upon the speed of your internet connection. If you wish to save data, you can always reduce the quality to the lowest. Increase it if you wish to enjoy the videos in better quality and data is not a big problem.

Q. Can I get ShowBox app for my PC?

A. Yes. ShowBox app is available on various platforms like PC, iOS, Mac, BlackBerry etc. You can enjoy it on all your devices and that to completely free irrespective of the platform.

One can find a lot of games, music players, productivity apps, messengers offering various features, but there is only one Movie app that offers the users a huge database of latest as well as old movies and reality, drama, cartoon all kinds of TV shows that and too totally free of cost. The HD feature and the download option offered act as the cherry on the cake and come without any kind of extra charge.

So, no more worrying about rushing home in order to catch you favourite movie or TV show. Now you can carry your whole screen world anywhere right in your pocket. So what are you waiting for, download the ShowBox application on your Android device and surf through the long lists of your favourite shows and films. View them online, download them to watch later, mark your favourite ones, watch in desired quality, there are a lot of other things that you are going to love about the app apart from its impeccable video database. Also, you do not need a very high-end device to run the app, ShowBox works perfectly fine on low-end devices as well. So explore the whole world of entertainment right in your hands anytime and anywhere with the best movie app out there.